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Hi, my name is Pailin, and I have dedicated my life to an archery prince who makes me feel complete, while these people makes me smile.

[ mostly contains b1a4 but snsd and anime may appear ]
Anonymous: Hello! I am writing a school paper about kpop, where I want to mention B1A4, since they have affected my life in so many ways. I want to show that music really can change your life :-) So I want to ask you if you want to help me? Could you please write down your favorite B1A4 songs and tell me why you like them? You can write as much or as little as you want. It can be everything from a pargraph to something simple as: "It's catchy!" This would help me alot! Thank you for your time! :-)

Wow, this is interesting! I will be honored to help ;u; let me know how it went when it’s done, okey? good luck!!

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letterstoluhan replied to your post: Hello guys! Could you please recommend…

Fantasy- Lunar Chronicles by Melissa Meyer Realistic fic.-dead end by Jason Myers Chain letter by Christopher pike See Jane Run by Hannah Jayne I swear by Lane Davis The Program by Suzanne Young Uninvited by Sophie jordan Delirium by Lauren Oliver

omfg thank you so much!! ;u;

What kind of books do you read? What genre?

love stories mostly, but i’m open for just about everything!

Hello guys! Could you please recommend me some books to read? I’ve been reading alot lately and I’m craving for more. Thank you!